Jacobs Lab Map

The data was collected in the Jacobs lab with a locmotion test arena in form of a high bay rack. The 3D map was generated using 3D Plane SLAM.

Movies and Animations

3D Map of the Lab after Relaxation (full 3D Plane SLAM) [15 MB]


Front Camera View 3D Model Inside View of the 3D Model
The front camera view during data-collection Model after plane-matching & before relaxation The robot path fly-through in the model

Maps in X3D format

Use tar zxvf to untar into folders, and then load main.x3d in the output folder using an X3D viewer.

After pairwise plane-matching:

Map as planar-patches (0.9 MB) includes the loop-closing edges; This is easier to visualize compared to the point-cloud maps.
Map as point-clouds (23 MB) ; In both cases the registration was done using plane-matching. Point-clouds subsampled by 3 for easier visualization.

After pairwise plane-matching followed by loop-closing and relaxation:

Map as planar-patches (0.2 MB). This is the easiest to visualize.
Map as point-clouds (23 MB); Point-clouds subsampled by 3 for easier visualization. For a non-subsampled version of the point-cloud map download this file. (46 MB).

Freely available X3D viewer