Cognitive autonomous diving buddy (CADDY)

Constructor Robotics participated as partner, at the time still under the previous name of Jacobs University of our institution, in the EU FP7 project “Cognitive autonomous diving buddy (CADDY)”, which deals with the challenges to replace a human buddy diver with an autonomous underwater vehicle and to add a new autonomous surface vehicle to improve monitoring, assistance, and safety of the diver’s mission. The resulting system plays a threefold role similar to those that a human buddy diver should have:

  • the buddy “observer” that continuously monitors the diver;
  • the buddy “slave” that is the diver’s “extended hand” during underwater operations performing tasks such as “do a mosaic of that area”, “take a photo of that” or “illuminate that”; and
  • the buddy “guide” that leads the diver through the underwater environment.

More info on the overall project can be found on the CADDY project’s website. The role of Constructor Robotics in the project dealt with the underwater perception aspects, i.e., elements of tracking the diver, the recognition of diver’s gestures, and service tasks like mapping the environment.

There are also multiple data-sets and code generated as part of the project, e.g., related to underwater gesture recognition, diver pose estimation, or data augmentation for underwater vision.


The following publications by Constructor Robotics have appeared in the context of the project. The list also includes a few related publications that have appeared after the project ended.

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